The M.I.B.D. Artist Agency was established as an Artists Agency in 2004.
By that year we adapt ourselves to the new requirements of Artists due to the Internet Business, turning us into a Artists Booking Agency and arranging Bookings all over the World. From the start our goal was to promote and book SASH! and other Artists of Dance Music, making an easier way for them to contact event planners, Clubs and Festivals. We represent in this way DJs and Bands who are connected in a friendship way to SASH! and of course SASH! himself. Nowadays M.I.B.D. Artist Agency is promoting and representing Artists all over the World and we keep expanding by deals and allies with other Agencies in a great global developing of Artists linking different cultures and languages. Local Promoters, Agents, Art Directors, TV producers, Club owners, Events makers, Artists, Music Producers involved in all aspect of Artists P.A. and Music Business are more than welcome to contact us.


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