New Album

SASH! Life Changes


SASH! – Life Changes Out now….the long awaited 6th studio album of SASH! – Life Changes This time you are able to listen to 12 amazing songs produced with a lot of love of the SASH! team during the last 12 month. As in previous albums SASH! is using again different languages and featuring singers on this masterpiece. The sound is still the SASH! sound millions of people still love since the last 20 years. Get ready to the sound of SASH! one more time and get yourself a copy of LIFE CHANGES





Tracklist "Can't Change You"
1)   Can't Change You (Interlude)   0:42
2)   Can't Change You (feat. Plexiphones)   4:04
3)   Easier (feat. Peter Maria)   3:11
4)   All Is Love (feat. Jessy)   3:04
5)   Back In Time (feat. Beatrice Thomas)   4:39
6)   We Like To Party   4:50
7)   No Love (feat. Jessy)   3:30
8)   Electra Zumba (feat. Bo)   3:32
9)   Otavalo (feat. Leo Rojas)   4:38
10)   Summer's Gone (Interlude)   1:01
11)   Summer's Gone (feat. Tony T.)   3:34
12)   Bring The Heat   4:15
13)   Sunrise   4:41
14)   Life Changes   8:14